Bath & Brush

  • Walk -ins Only ( No Appointments Needed )
  • Deep-coat and skin cleansing bath with 100%
  • All-Natural Shampoo Formula
  • Coat conditioner at no extra charge (if needed)
  • Full body deep-coat brush and hands-on drying (no cage drying!)
  • Ear cleaning and hair removal
  • 360° Dental Care package with teeth brushing and freshener
  • Nail filing (grinding)
  • Paw Shape-up (clipping of hair under paws)
  • Anal gland expression
  • Sanitary trims

Full Dog Grooming

All of our professional dog groomers have a strong
commitment to high quality, patience, and you and
your furry friends’ complete satisfaction.

  • We guarantee we will achieve that special look you have been looking for your best pal on every visit to our salon.
  • 100% natural and/or organic shampoos and conditioners used on all packages.
  • Low flat dog grooming rates with no extra fees or charges – what you get quoted is what you will pay.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Exclusive Spa Grooming Treatments

Blueberry Facial

Guaranteed not to dry out your friend’s skin and reduce tangles for weeks. Exfoliates, soothes and hydrates.
With vanilla and blueberry extracts to remove stains around the mouth and tear stains without stinging the eyes.

Mud Baths

  • Mud has many benefits for your dog. It can soothe irritations by removing dead irritated skin.
  • It can soothe hot spots.
  • The mud applied to your dogs coat during the bath can help moisturize the skin and remove dandruff.
  • This is very beneficial in the winter when the air is drier.
  • Mud baths have also been known to help diminish the pain of arthritis. Mud baths can also help with flea control.

Fashion Accessories

  • Make the ultimate statement in fashion! Choose from our collection of
  • Glamour Feathers
  • Nail Polish in your favorite color
  • Coat Stenciling

Flea & Tick Treatment

We offer flea and tick treatment .


De-Shedding Pack

Reduces hair all over your floors and carpets.

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